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Get in on the rapid growth of passive investing. Through a single investment, access leading companies in their respective markets via an Exchanged Traded Fund ("ETF").

Discover Eq8 ETFs

Eq8 Dow Jones US Titans 50 ETF

Mirror the performance of the Top 50 Shariah-compliant companies listed on the US exchanges.

Eq8 MSCI SEA Islamic Dividend ETF

Tap into the performance of South East Asia’s shariah companies with dividend yielding opportunity.

Eq8 MSCI Malaysia Islamic Dividend ETF

Track companies which represent the dividend yield opportunity within Malaysia’s Shariah equity market. 

Eq8 Dow Jones Islamic Market Malaysia Titans 25 ETF

The first Shariah ETF listed in Asia comprises of Top 25 Shariah-compliant companies in Malaysia.

ETF Performance

An investor who invests an initial amount of
followed by subsequent investment of
for every in Eq8 Dow Jones US Titans 50 ETF would have its total investment capital grow from RM to RMover 5 years.Recalculate
Estimated Investment Value
Total Investment Capital

The performance return displayed includes Malaysia Ringgit movement on the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the ETF quoted in US Dollar.


Corporates, insurers and fund managers use ETFs for portfolio completion, Asset Liability Management, Investment-Linked fund, feeder fund and portfolio constructions.


General investors commonly choose ETFs for long-term investments thanks to their broad market exposure and stability.

Why ETF?

Fully Transparent

No surprises. ETF reveals their complete portfolio holdings daily.

Instant Diversification

Skip the time-consuming and costly task of stock picking by opting for an ETF.

Ease of Access

Localized access to global sectors and market segments, eliminating the need to buy individual securities across the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Individuals and institutional investors can explore various avenues to start investing in ETF.

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Institutions Buy/Sell directly from Participating Dealer in Primary Market via a Creation/Redemption process when dealing in large transactions.

Transacting via participating dealer

Shariah ETFs only track the performance of benchmark indices that consist of Shariah-compliant securities in accordance with the methodology prescribed by the Shariah board, committee, or advisor of the index provider. Our world renowed Shariah adviser, Amanie Advisors, ensures that all investments made are in line with the benchmark index.

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